As CEO and founder of the management-consulting firm, “Applied Principles,” Donato applies one principle to her life that she steadfastly adheres to:

If you’re not passionate about what you do, then find something else

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Luckily, Donato has already found her focus.
Donato has 30+ years of experience working with sales and marketing strategies for companies such as Xerox and Dun & Bradstreet. With Xerox, Donato began in the sales-management division and then switched to marketing in a move to Chicago from Ohio. The switch allowed Donato to see that she loved both fields, which led to her incorporating both sales and marketing into her current business… read more about Mary Donato in the Longboat A+ The Observer. Headquartered in Longboat Key, Florida, Applied Principles builds upon 30+ years of experience in B2B sales and marketing.  

Whether it’s diagnosing sales gaps, developing new sales channels or implementing sales and marketing programs, Applied Principles will utilize proven “principles” to help drive productivity and reduce selling costs for your organization.

Mary is Associate Director of the Institute for the Study of Business Markets (ISBM) at SMEAL College, Penn State.  ISBM is a business-to-business “think tank” and center of excellence that is networked with researchers, educators and practitioners throughout the world.

30+ Years of Passionate Experience

As VP TeleWeb

at Xerox Corporation
Donato grew the Inside Sales Channel from 200 people worldwide to over 1000+
associates generating $1.3B in revenue.

As District Sales Manager

at Xerox Corporation
She led a field sales organization of 200 associates who were last in the country in profit to
#1 within 2 years.

As VP Worldwide Marketing

at Xerox Business Services
Donato helped win the prestigious Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award.

As VP Sales Channels

at Dun & Bradstreet
She implemented changes that delivered a 40% productivity gain within 6 months and drove
double digit revenue growth earning her the Chairman’s Award.

For a Financial Services client

Donato designed and helped implement their TeleSales strategy that within two years has
grown to 600 TeleSales reps delivering $81M in net new revenue to the company.

Education & Training Services firm

She helped them increase the size of their new business client base by 33% over a
12 month period through tighter pipeline management, market segmentation and
management processes.

Institute for the Study of Business Markets

She developed and implemented a monthly webinar series providing additional benefits
to member firms.


Ohio State University

B.A. in Psychology & Business Communications

Northwestern Executive Marketing Program


Penn State

Executive Program on Marketing
Strategy for Growth in Business

Covey Principle
Centered Leadership


“Helping Clients
Succeed” program
Certified Sales Coach



  • B.A. in Psychology & Business Communications
  • B.A. in Psychology & Business Communications
  • B.A. in Psychology & Business Communications
  • B.A. in Psychology & Business Communications
  • B.A. in Psychology & Business Communications

Speaking & Coaching

Mary Donato is a dynamic and experienced speaker and coach and is available for conferences, sales/marketing meetings, webinar and virtual events as well an individual and group coaching. She has spoken and provided guidance to thousands of sales reps, sales managers, marketing managers and senior management in her career. Contact Mary Donato for speaking engagements or for more information here.

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Her speaking and coaching engagements are customized for her audience and have included the following areas:

  • Individual coaching for Sales Consultants and Sales Managers responsible for complex sales across large accounts.
  • Individual coaching for Senior Sales Executives working on change initiatives within their organizations.

Sales, TeleSales and Channel Performance:

  • “The Path to Sales Excellence” – Chief Sales Executive Forum
  • “Solutions Selling” – Conference Board
  • •“Measuring Return on Your Sales Strategy”  – Chief Sales Executive Forum
  • “Compensation in a Multi-Channel World” –  Linkage Inc.
  • “Multi-Channel Strategies” – Linkage Inc. ISBM, Call Center eXchange,  International Quality & Productivity Center, AMA
  • “Leading Edge Leadership” – The International Alliance of Executive & Professional Women
  • “Winning the Baldrige Award” – Digital Corporation, New York FBI Association
  • “Steering Your Call Center Through Storms of Change” – ICMI – International Customer Management Institute
  • “Putting the ‘Web’ into TeleWeb” – Electronic Business Research Center, SMEAL College, Penn State,
    Marketing Success:
  • “Institute for the Study of Business Markets Marketing Trends Study” – Kodak, LifeWay, American Management Association, FranklinCovey
  • “Convert Marketing Strategy into Operational Excellence” – IDC
  • “Demand Generation” – DMA – Direct Marketing Association
  • “Panel Discussion on Technology” – eBusiness Associations ITEC conference
  • “Case Study on CRM: A Multi-Channel Multi-Technology Approach” – Institute for International Research