Start with an understanding of your current sales strategy, market coverage approach and sales/ marketing effectiveness.  A Professional Assessment provides clients with the knowledge of what’s working well and what needs to improve to deliver greater productivity and results. 

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Your organizations effectiveness will be assessed in the following areas:

Sales Strategy: Is your approach to market segmentation providing you the most profitable results?  Who are you selling to, what are you selling and are you using the most effective sales channel?  Are you selling products or solutions? Time is the most precious commodity that a sales person has….how are they using it?  Applied Principles will assess your current situation and identify areas for immediate focus.

Market Coverage: Are you reaching enough of your potential market?  Are you targeting the right prospects? Are there other industries or geographies that could yield additional growth?  Applied Principles will assess your current coverage model and identify areas for immediate improvement as well as longer term approaches.

Sales and Marketing Effectiveness: Are your current selling resources providing an effective Expense to Revenue ratio?  Are you netting an attractive ROI with your marketing programs?  Do you have a performance metrics dashboard that allows you to quickly measure the right activities?  Applied Principles will review the current metrics being utilized and provide recommendations of how to simplify your dashboard so you can focus on the vital few that drive results.  We also help your sales and marketing efforts become more integrated in order to maximize your investments and improve brand awareness.

Process Simplification: Are your processes consistent throughout the sales organization?  Do sales reps have to use multiple systems that require duplication of efforts?  Is there an opportunity for streamlining and reducing administrative tasks?  Applied Principles will do an assessment of your sales processes and identify areas for improvement.

People Management: Hiring and retaining the right sales and marketing people are critical to the success of any organization.  Applied Principles will do a complete assessment of how your organization recruits, trains, rewards and retains talent.  Beyond that, we will also look at the Management Processes to ensure people are receiving the right direction and coaching that supports the growth goals.

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